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Nanny/mothers help is needed in Borehamwood for a family with a toddler and a new born. Ref: 220518JS



Start date:  August 2018 Mum will go back to work when the baby is 6 month old so if it all goes well with the nanny/mothers help, then she can become their permanent sole charge nanny with more hours. This will only be offered if both nanny and Mum are happy during the first 6 month. They can offer a start and flexible hours from beginning of August and when the baby is born, they will need the nanny for the above hours or more.  


Children: 20 month old boy and a baby due in August/September . 


Days/Hours:  Tuesdays: 8 am -5.30 pm and Fridays 7 am -7.30 pm. More hours can be added on other days as well if the nanny would like to work more! Please indicate if you would like to get more hours in addition to the given 2 full days!


Salary: £10-12 net per hour


Duties: Mum is around for the first 6 month, so the job will involve all aspects of baby and toddler nursery duties working alongside Mum; Preparing baby food and bottles, looking after their belongings and room, Doing children`s laundry.;Tidy up after meals and play; Loading dishwasher; light housework, ironing; Planning stimulating and age appropriate activities, parks, etc... Mum may need a lot of help after giving birth so they are looking for someone understanding, who would not mind making a cup of tea or a snack to Mum when she is feeding the baby and someone who is willing to help with whatever is needed in the house. They do have a cleaner so only light housework is required. 


Requirements:  Experience with relevant age group (baby and toddler);First Aid and DBS check (we can help you obtaining them);Good references; Nurturing, caring, sensible, helpful and kind personality; Driver with own car is a bonus but not essential. 




2 days a week baby nanny job Ref:160518AF


Family in North London, Southgate (N14) is looking for a nanny for their 7 month old twin babies sole charge for 2 full days a week.


Start date:  June 2018

Children: 7 month old twin boys. 

Location: Southgate

Days/Hours:  Monday and Tuesday 7 am till 7 pm. They prefer this 2 days but they can be flexible for the right person, but the days have to be between Monday and Thursday. Please indicate which days you are available!

Salary: £10-12 net per hour

Duties: Usual baby nursery duties: Preparing baby food and bottles, looking after their belongings and room, Doing children`s laundry.;Tidy up after meals and play; Planning stimulating and age appropriate activities, parks, etc... 

Requirements:  Experience with relevant age group;First Aid and DBS check (we can help you obtaining them);Good references; Nurturing, caring, sensible and kind personality; Experience with babies and multiple children; Twin experience is a bonus! 





After school nanny needed in Mill Hill 


Location: Mill Hill, NW7, London

Start date:1st September 2018 

Days/Hours: Monday to Thursday 3 pm till 7 pm (16 hours a week)

Salary: Negotiable

Children: 1 little boy, 4 years old

Duties:  All child care duties, school pick up, activities, prepare food, tidy up, etc...

Requirements: CRB/DBS, first aid, 2 years experience, good references; Friendly, confident, playful and patient personality... They prefer a driver with own car but this will be confirmed soon. Maybe driving will not be a requirement. 




Live in full time nanny needed in Marble Arch

REF N: 010518 GL

Very busy family is looking for a live in nanny in Marble Arch. They are looking for someone very capable who is able to take sole charge or work with Mum as a team, someone proactive, intelligent who has good common sense and able to use her own initiative. 

Location: Marble Arch, London

Start date: ASAP 

Days/Hours: 5.5 days a week. They have another help as well so they will take turns getting either  full Saturday or Full Sunday off every week with another half day off during the week as well. 

Salary: Competitive 

Children: Four children mixed sole charge and shared care: 9 months, 3, 7 & 8 years old

Duties: Mixed sole charge and shared care with mum of the four children, very busy family, all child care duties, school runs, activities, prepare food, housekeeping,ironing, etc... It is important that the nanny is a very good cook!

Requirements: CRB/DBS, first aid, experience with multiple children and all ages, excellent references, the candidate must be highly experienced with initiative and capable to get on with the duties independently, also follow instructions very well.



Live out full time nanny needed in Highgate. REF N: 010518 JS


Previous nannies in the past stayed for at least 3 years which indicates that they enjoyed working for them and were treated as part of the family.

Children: Boy 10, Girl 7 and Girl 4 years old. They are all at school full time during school terms. 

Pet: Viszla puppy so the nanny needs to be a dog lover!

Location: Highgate Village, near Hampstead Heath and Waterlow park

Start date:  Between mid June and early July (To be confirmed!)

Salary: £10-12 net per hour; A weekly salary will be agreed based on an expectation of a set number of hours per week and they pay additionally for hours worked above the agreed hours.

Hours/Days: Monday to Friday average 46-52 hours per week (potentially more hours during school holidays) Parents get home between 7 and 8 pm every day so that is when the nanny will finish, but the nanny only needs to start early morning twice a week (before kids go to school, around 8 am start) and 3 times a week she can start mid or even late morning (10-11 am) Occasionally the nanny needs to stay a bit longer than 8 pm so flexibility is essential in this regard and extra hours will be paid on top of agreed hours.

Duties: During the day when kids are at school the nanny is expected to spend time with the dog, take him for a walk and prepare children`s dinner in advance so she is free to spend time with them when they get home. The nanny is expected to cook healthy, nutritious meals and encourage children to try new tastes.  Also, she will be expected to attend to light housework, laundry, general tidying of the house. The family has a cleaner twice a week and the nanny will be more like a house manager who recognizes if additional work needs to be done in the house and organize help accordingly, such as arranging for handyman to come if needed, etc...She should focus on promoting educational development of each child (they seek someone who does not view homework as a chore to rush through and tick the box but someone who loves education and wants to work with their children  (both in terms of school homework and more generally – e.g. loves to take them to museums or otherwise help to inspire the kids to learn); Also, she will do school pick ups every day by car (car is provided) but most mornings the parents can take kids to school; The nanny should be proactive in arranging play dates and will need to handle things like helping to arrange doctor appointments.

Requirements:  First Aid and DBS check (we can help you obtaining them) and experience with similar age group; Excellent English; Flexible personality and flexible to stay longer or start earlier if needed; Strong pastoral care for children; they want a very loving and nurturing nanny who assimilates well into, and becomes part of the family; Must be able to drive for school pick-ups, etc. (they have an automatic car to use or nanny can use own car); The nanny needs to be dependable (shows up on time for work, school pick-ups, etc... and she should have an easy commute to Highgate); Expectation of long-term employment (they do not want a nanny that views job as a stop-gap; they are looking for another member of the family; Teaching experience and speaking other languages (French preferred) is a bonus. 




Nanny needed for 3 or 4 afternoons a week in Mill Hill


Children: 6 years old boy and 9 years old girl 

Start: ASAP

Location: Mill Hill

Salary: £12 per hour 

Days/ Hours: Any 3 or 4 afternoons between Monday and Thursday from 3.30 to 6.30 pm. Additional hours can be added (housekeeping, Ironing, etc..) if the nanny wants more hours. Also, the family would like the nanny to work a lot more hours during school holidays so flexibility is essential in this regard. 

Duties: Picking children up from school, preparing their dinner, general tiding and housework if the nanny wants extra hours. Also, the nanny should be able to help or enciourage children to sit down and do their homework. 

Requirements: First Aid, DBS and at least 2 years childcare experience. Also, the family needs someone who has her own car. 

3 days a week nanny needed in North London  Ref: 050418 HR

 Children: 2 boys and a girl: 2, 4 and 6 years old. The older child is at school full time, the middle child is at school in the mornings and the youngest igoes to school on Wednesday mornings.

Location: Between Totteridge and Whetstone and Woodside Park Stations

Salary: 12 gross per hour

Start: They can wait for the right nanny and the nanny can start within 4 weeks once they offer the job

Days/Hours: 3 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7.15 am till 5.45 pm  (31.5 hours a week)

Duties: School pick up and drop off; Usual nursery duties such as taking them to the park, organizing age appropriate indoor and outdoor activities, help with homework, cook their meals, keep their belongings clean and tidy, do their laundry and tidy up after play and meal times. 

Requirements: First Aid and CRB and at least 2 years experience. They need a nanny who can drive and prefer someone with own car but they would insure the right nanny on their own car as well. They would like someone great fun for the children and lively. 

20 hours a week nanny needed in Totteridge Ref: 050418 ABS 

 Location: Totteridge (Totteridge and Whetstone tube)

Salary: £11/12 net per hour

Start: Beginning of September 2018

Days/Hours: 20 hours altogether: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 2.15 pm till 6.15 pm and Thursday 9.30 am till 5.30 pm

Children: 1.5 years old and a 3.5 years old (boy and girl)

Duties: Pick up older from nursery, play with them, organize fun activities, art and craft, reading, park, help with homework, etc... Serve kids already made meals so no cooking is required and the family is a pescatarian.  General tyding after play and meals. 

Requirements: First Aid, CRB/DBS check and at least 2 years experience. The family would like someone outgoing and someone who appreciates family values, discipline orientated but kind.  


After school nanny needed from End of August 2018 ref: 290318 JR

Location: Crouch End, they live in a lovely house and parking permit can be arranged if the nanny would like to use her car to work 

Start: 28th of August 2018

Days/Hours: Monday to Friday 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm or 3 pm to 6 pm (flexible) and the nanny can work extra hours during school holidays if she would like more hours, the family is flexible in this regard...

Salary: Up to £13 per hour 

Children: 6 years old girl and 3 years old boy

Duties: Picking children up from school; dinner preparation for children (Mum will plan meals in conjunction with the nanny); supervise homework, after school activities, play dates and organize art and craft or other fun activities either at home or go out to the library, local parks, etc... 

Doing kids laundry would be appreciated but not essential.

Keeping children`s areas tidy and general tiding of the house at the end of the day. 

Requirements: First Aid, DBS/CRB check (we can help obtaining them) and at least 2 years experience with relevant age group and in similar role. 

Night Nanny needed from August - ref.280218HS

Location: Potters Bar

Start date: Early August for 6 weeks

Days/Hours: 4 nights a week for 4 weeks then 3 nights a week for a further 2 weeks. In the first two weeks 12 hours per night and then 10 hours per night thereafter.

Salary: £10-14/h depending on experience

Duties: Sleep routine and care of the new-born baby due end of July, preparation and sterilisation of bottles for the night and the following day, etc. The family has two other children aged 2 and 4 years. They also have two dogs. 

Requirements: CRB/DBS, first aid, relevant qualifications, experienced night nanny, excellent references, the ideal candidate is relaxed but focused, experienced with sleep training but kind and not harsh.